Hello and thank you for visiting our site! We are a family run nursery specializing in annual flowers, vegetables, herbs, hanging baskets, perennials, shrubs, trees, house plants and more. We can also custom order any plant material you are looking for. In our barn we have tools, soils, organic fertilizers, organic pesticides, mulch and other gardening needs. We also have a gift shop in the barn. So come by and check us out for all your gardening needs or if you just want to say hi to the cats.


4-21-18: Spring has finally sprung and while you may be tempted to get out there and plant your tomatoes, don’t! Tomatoes are native to western South America and Central America and like heat. It’s best to wait until after the average last frost date which around here is May 11. Nighttime soil temps should be at least a consistent 45 deg F with daytime temps around 55-60 deg F and absolutely no chance of frost. Your patience will be rewarded with a healthy tomato plant and an abundant, tasty harvest!

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